While the rain and sleet and (what the…?!?) snow might make it seem like winter is forever, summer semester is right around the corner. Keep the following Moodle-related dates in mind as we approach the start of NMC’s next term:

  • Monday, May 8th — Students populated into standard-start summer 2023 (2303) courses. You’ll be able to see students in your participant lists in Moodle on this date provided your course starts on May 13th. Remember that students are populated into Moodle courses 5 days before the course’s official start date, so if your course is late-start you’ll see your student list in Moodle later. 
  • Friday, May 12th @ 1 pm — Summer 2023 (2303) courses turned on. We turn on courses (and hide META child courses) one day before the semester begins so students are able to confirm their course enrollments. Make sure your course shells have at least a welcome message by this date. If some of your content is not ready, you can always hide sections from students.
  • Saturday, May 13th — Summer 2023 (2303) semester begins.
  • Friday, May 26th — Spring 2023 (2302) courses turned off. We turn courses off two weeks after grades have been submitted. If you need a course left open, please submit a ticket and let us know the course and the student(s) who need to maintain access to your materials.
  • Friday, May 26th — Fall 2022 (2201) courses removed from Moodle. We continually remove older Moodle courses to keep the Moodle server running optimally. You can backup/download a Moodle course on your own or reach out to us for help.
  • Monday, June 12th — Most late-start summer courses begin. Students will appear in these courses on Wednesday, June 7th.

If you’ve been assigned to teach a course in the Summer or Fall of 2023, but the course doesn’t appear in your Moodle dashboard, check with your department manager to make sure you’ve been assigned to the course in the registration software.

If you have any questions about these upcoming dates, feel free to give us a call or submit a ticket.