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New to Your Chrome Browser!

You will notice 4 new icons added to your Chrome browser: These are some new tools for accessibility in reading, writing, math, and reading PDF files, available to NMC campus wide and based on your NMC Google login. They are Read&Write, Equatio, Screen Shot Reader, and PDF Reader. These are all products we now license… Continue Reading New to Your Chrome Browser!


Developing Metacognition by Modeling with Contextual Frameworks

Metacognition means, simply, thinking about one’s thinking and realizing if you are comprehending what you are thinking.  Modeling thinking is one metacognitive approach to instruction that Buehl (2014) found increases student’s abilities to transfer or adapt their learning to new informational contexts.  To do this, instructors need to think aloud their approach to concepts and… Continue Reading Developing Metacognition by Modeling with Contextual Frameworks

New Galleries

The New Dennos!

The New Dennos is now open! Following the January 21 community celebration day with free admission for everyone, join Jason Dake for a brief tour of the new galleries on any of the following three dates and times. This is your first chance to see the new permanent collection galleries and ask Jason about how you can… Continue Reading The New Dennos!