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Writing Challenge = Free Ice Cream

Beginning the week of October 20th, we will begin our SECOND Annual 4x4x16 Writing Challenge!  Hooray!  How does it work?

We are inviting instructors at NMC to create 4 new pieces of writing for 4 straight weeks.  Each piece of writing should be approximately 16 sentences in length and should be focused on teaching and learning.  That is it.  We borrowed the idea from Yavapai College in Arizona.  They are currently running a similar challenge, and we plan to share some of our posts during a few weeks of the Challenge.

Last year we had 8 people participate in the challenge, and we would like to have at least 12 people writing this year.  If we have 12 people participate this year, we will generate 48 new pieces of writing on teaching and learning to share with the NMC community and beyond.

Each piece of writing will be placed on the site for others to read and comment on.  Please don’t let the technology discourage you.  If you can open up a Word document and type, we have people that can put your writing on the website for you.

So where does the free ice cream come in???

Ben & Jerry's Banner

Each week, those that participate will receive a small token of thanks for participating.  The first week, all those that participate and create a piece of writing will receive a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream delivered to their office (or location of their choice).  A spoon will be included too.

Sign up by contacting Mark DeLonge (

And don’t worry too much about the 16 sentences.  You just read about 20!



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    Todd Conaway October 14, 2014 at 5:26 PM #

    Best of luck and I hope you get a few more participants too. Last year we had 16 and this year we are up to 23! I challenge you to get more than last year 🙂 We hope to share some of your posts with our faculty here in Arizona.

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