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Pint of ice cream

Writing Challenge = Free Ice Cream

Beginning the week of October 20th, we will begin our SECOND Annual 4x4x16 Writing Challenge!  Hooray!  How does it work? We are inviting instructors at NMC to create 4 new pieces of writing for 4 straight weeks.  Each piece of writing should be approximately 16 sentences in length and should be focused on teaching and […]

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NMC’s teaching@NMC in Faculty Focus Article

There was another nice mention of NMC and our teaching@NMC website on December 13, 2013.  The 4x4x16 Challenge that we created at NMC was mentioned by Todd Conaway, the originator of the idea from Yavapai College in Arizona. Faculty Respond to the Challenge: Write about Teaching and Learning for Nine Weeks Straight After the first […]

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Wrap It Up: 4x4x16

How my wife can wrap Christmas presents that look so nice with the fancy bows and everything is beyond me.  But that is a different wrapping subject. The 4x4x16 Instructor Writing project is a wrap! We had a group of eight instructors participate and create 30 different pieces of writing on teaching and learning during […]

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Every Step of the Way

Written by Patty Olson, NMC Education Instructor, Adjunct & submitted by Jeff Straw. One technique that I found VERY useful particularly in teaching hormonal, uninterested 8th graders US history was combining your two ideas.  As a PREview, I broke the class into small groups to read and present one area of the chapter (Bold Print […]

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