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Abhi Sharma/Creative Commons 2.0

Will Reading Ever Be the Same?

I was listenting to the podcast “Note to Self” the other day. I really like to download a whole bunch of different podcasts and listen while driving. So much so that I actually look forward to long car trips now. Anyway, enough about me… This episode was titled “There is Just Something About Paper,” and […]

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The WRC: Providing Instructor Support

The WRC: Providing Instructor Support

Last week I presented to a biology class about their final project. I provided a lovely handout (if I do say so myself) that outlined the different sections of their project and how to best create their content. But there was one glaring issue: a typo. Of course I found it in the midst of […]

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Kon-Tiki Kind of Times

    This weekend I watched the movie Kon-Tiki with my family.  Having never read it, I found the whole thing new, and wonderfully so. Thor Heyerdahl and his bride, Liv, are beginning their marriage on Fatu Hiva, near the Polynesian Islands.  The question captured is this, “Was Polynesia discovered from the West, Asia or […]

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Notability Screen shot

Paperless Grading

Moodle attendance feature. I do not use the attendance feature to take attendance, I use it to grade my students’ Prepare Activities. In Moodle, the instructor can set up the attendance feature however she wants. I have it set up with a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 scale. I set up all of the […]

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The Students I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for the students who are on-time and have all their work done, every time, because I can depend on them to help move a discussion along. I’m thankful for the students who are late and don’t have their work done, because at least they are making the effort to come to class. I’m […]

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