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Small Teaching Book Cover

Helping Students Remember

As I mentioned in my last post, this summer I read Small Teaching by James Lang and found it incredibly informative. Another interesting topic he writes about is how to help students remember course information. He calls this retrieval and says that if we want students to retrieve information from their memories, then we have… Continue Reading Helping Students Remember


Read the Instructions

I got stuck in the middle of the road.  My truck refused to move forward on the icy surface.  It was frustrating in that I was pressing the accelerator, and the motor was not revving. To provide some information for reference.  I bought a new truck.  Not many people noticed, since the truck has the… Continue Reading Read the Instructions


Isn’t Grackle a Bird?

Since we’ve been talking about document structure and creating good materials, I want to introduce you to Grackle. No, not the bird. Grackle is a tool available to you for use with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Grackle is an accessibility checker that will help you address common accessibility format issues in your materials created… Continue Reading Isn’t Grackle a Bird?